Fragile Hearts

by Never Looking Back

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released August 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Never Looking Back Tacoma, Washington

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Track Name: Burn it to the ground
I can feel it coming on and I refuse to shut down. To not feel anything at all. To not feel is already to be dead. This is my chance, to let it all go. To throw it all away and BURN IT TO THE GROUND! I'm letting it all go, are you with me? I'm letting it all go, ARE YOU WITH ME? To feel is to be alive. To hurt is to heal. I'm tired of running, of being afraid...of running from everything. I don't ever want to feel like this again. NEVER AGAIN! NEVER AGAIN! This world doesn't throw one rock, it stones you to death. So give me everything you've got. Let me feel it. I'm coming out, bruised bleeding with matches and gasoline. I'm letting it all go, I'm burning it to the ground (to the ground). Burn it to the ground! In the distance I can hear it. It's the sound of hope ringing in my head. Be strong kid, BE STRONG! Be strong kid, BE STRONG! I'M NOT AFRAID (be strong), I'M NOT AFRAID (be strong), I'M NOT AFRAID (be strong), I'm not afraid anymore.
Track Name: Impossible Dreams
I would trade all of this in to chase impossible dreams. To feel like that again, to never feel alive. I'm surrounded by failures and cowards. God forbid in a world of nothing somone feels anything at all. Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking for easy answers. Yours were wrong anyway. I just wish it wasn't so hard. I'll become everything you hate just to show you there's another way. To show that there is still hope in this world. These words will eat away at everything you said. Everything that turned out to be a lie, and everything that never was. I am not like you. I will never be like you.
Track Name: These days
These days are the days that I live for. These days are the days that we live for. Time is gold and I've got to make it last. The least I can do it give it my all so that I don't regret this time. This is all I am. This time I'm giving it my all and I'll never look back. This will be the end of regret. This is all I am.
Track Name: Never Ending
Can you feel it? Your heart being ripped out of your chest! There is light in all of this darkness. I know you've seen it. I know you've felt it. I saw it in your eyes. Take what you feel right now, bottle it up real tight and never let it go. Look into the mirror and remember how it felt to be alive. Then break it so you can't see anything else but what is looking back at you. In the broken pieces on the floor you'll see everything you used to be. In the blood from your feet you will see everything you can be. This is fear...this is love...this is anger. This is everything you ever wanted being ripped from your heart.
Track Name: Fragile Hearts
We are all living in glass houses. Our weakness shining through every
window. All it takes is the right rock in the right spot to break it all
down. So we run. So we hide. We hold on to anything that will take it all away. But
we always fall back down. We run until our blisters become numb. But we
always fall back down. So stop running. Stop medicating. It will never get
better until you stop. You will never forget. It will never go away. Now
I see how fragile we can be, how easily everything can be taken away. How
nothing means nothing to anyone anymore. So stop running. It will never get
better until you stop.
Track Name: If all else fails
We go in blind and come out deaf. Our eyes deceive us until there's nothing left. We were beautiful once before that day, the day our lives would change. We took for granted the good and the bad. We put too much on being sad. It's hard to say if anything would have changed if we'd just opened our eyes and accepted the blame. No one knows how things would be right now if we had helped you out and you let down. Out of them all I loved you the most, but all that's left are regrets and false hopes. Broken hearts and broken homes have reduced us to the things we hate the most. You wanted it all but the end is what you got so let's pick up the pieces before our time runs out. If all else fails just know that this much is true...through it all I never stopped loving you.
Track Name: It's all I have
It's times like these I feel so helpless. It's times like these I remember I'm still alive. I wish I could take away our pain. But when I try to be strong
I find myself just as useless as everyone else. We're all useless in time of death. So I hold it in tight and release it over this noise. He was the closest thing I ever had to a brother. That morning he didn't wake up. This is all I have to remember you. It's all I have.
Track Name: Eyes Never Lie
I CAN'T IMAGINE, what was going through your head. Does it make you feel like a man? I wish you could see her now. Some wounds don't heal over time. So scared, so terrified. So scared, so terrified! Because of men like you, the most beautiful of eyes cry themselves to sleep at night. Behind those eyes is a beauty you destroyed. Her innocence you stole away. I just wish that you could see her now. Her eyes will never lie. Some hearts are hard to stop bleeding. Inside her heart is a beauty you destroyed. Because of men like you, the most beautiful of eyes cry themselves to sleep at night. She may never get to see the blue skies behind those dark clouds, as long as her heart is still bleeding and her eyes are still crying. STILL CRYING! But as long as there's someone to wipe away the tears, there's a chance for hearts to heal and fear to die. Fear to die. SOME WOUNDS DON'T HEAL OVER TIME! THE EYES NEVER LIE! Eyes never lie.